A prestigious terroir in organic conversion

A confidential estate, nestled at the foot of a hillside, Château Le Conte is located in the town of Saint-Hippolyte, a small town which is part of the Jurisdiction of Saint-Émilion, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Hugues cut his teeth just a stone's throw from Château le Conte, with our native neighbor, also from the Gers, Pierre Saillan, and that's when he met Jean-Pierre and the Invindia adventure began. born.

Taken over in 2017, Château Le Conte is then an estate in need of restructuring. The vines, although maintained, then have gaps. The building needs to be completely restored, only the cellar is in good condition, the estate then sold all the wines in bulk. From the moment of acquisition, a titanic work was undertaken in the vineyard and on the building to offer a wine tourism offer and quality wines.

At the cellar level, we have reviewed the logic of aging our wines, we no longer rely solely on the barrel. We now also use a Galileo spherical concrete tank and other concrete tanks, notably for our sulfur-free Saint-Émilion, the Fantaisie du Conte.

Château le Conte is now a place that will completely transport you into the world of Invindia through the two wines that we produce on this estate and thanks to its luxury accommodation offer, for a unique stay in the very heart of the vineyard of Saint-Émilion.

Grape varieties & terroir

Located at the foot of the hillside, the 5 hectares of Château le Conte are located on the same terroir, around the building. The first two meters which make up the soil are clay-sandy and then we find the asteria limestone, which comes from shells which were deposited 40 million years ago, when this part was submerged.

Only one grape variety is planted at Château le Conte, merlot. The plots are planted with a density of 5,000 vines/hectare and we have a plot cut into a cordon de Royat in order to limit production and concentrate the berries as best as possible and to promote the soil-plant complex.